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So I finally made a giveaway! Well because of the following reasons:
Almost up to 3000 followers (haha i bet you guys thought i had more, huh? xD)
My mom let me audition for SM
Just turned 15 (oh ye i can finally get a part-time job)
A simple thank you to my followers (both twitter and tumblr) for helping me out and for sticking with me up til now <3
There will be 3 winners and the prizes will be bought from kpoptown <3 I will use the winner’s address as the Delivery address ^^Prizes:
1st Place - Will have an option of choosing between 3 albums without posters or 2 albums with unfolded posters.
2nd Place - Will have an option of choosing between 2 albums without a poster or 1 album with a folded poster.
3rd Place - Will have an option of choosing between an album without a poster or anything they would want to buy from kpoptown that is less than $10.
*btw the albums will be chosen by the winners although the album they must choose should not cost more than $17 each. i am so cheap i swear.
This is a follower giveaway so you must be following me on tumblr and twitter (sorry you have to follow both ;~;)
Giveaway only blogs are not allowed. 
You can reblog as many times as you want, I don’t mind.
Only like once (well you can only like it once anyway xD)
Have your askbox open so I can contact you.
Please follow the rules or you will be automatically disqualified.
The winner will be picked randomly from a number generator.I will be shipping internationally~ c:Giveaway ends: August 29th (the day of the audition haha)
Good luck! :)

i’m out!


feel so sleepy that i can die right now. updating for awhile because it exams week T.T

Wish me luck! =^v^=

Ppyong <3


Like this yooo like this!

joyoungmin-mnet-deactivated2012 asked: Annyeong Hyung. How are you?

Annyeong~hehe! as good as always :P

Dongsaeng…..i’m dying…

2 days left…


Guess who’s got internet connection now. 8)

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when i look at the tumblr…

when i’m depressed…